Easy to use electric planer designed for model makers who looking for high precision in their model work. 
Group project based on the Braun Design of Dieter Rams. 
Rams was the one of the most popular designer in the 70's. He had been editing 10 principles of good design who are introduce in Apple's design for exemple. Dremel, a famous brand, offers  portable tools for model maker and people who are seeking precision to realize meticulous project. After contacting model maker, we drew this little electric planer which allows a meticulous work with an optimal hand grip. By group of two we first look for a form integrating the problems and wishes of the model maker we met. We wanted a tool compact and easy to handle. We then made the model of the tool with various materials to realize the ergonomics of use of the tool.
I later modeled the object with rendering to increase the effect of reality based on what I learned throughout the year and my inspirations.
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