I was involved with a friend in Samsung Mobile Design Competition. For this entry, the brief was simple. The goal was to create a new little object devise for Samsung. We decided to participate and create this concept in 24 hours. I took care of the formal design, modeling and rendering of the connected object and Theo Geiller of the whole interface and reflection around this subject that we chose but also the form.
Smartimer of Galaxy targets primarily the professional world and more particularly employees of companies where schedule means meeting, rapid prototyping, creative workshop, ticket resolution, development, sprint or workshop. Companies, project managers and lead managers will find it of enormous interest, they will be able to get to know better the working habits of their employees, for a more appropriate framework. They will also be able to carry out their project and have a real vision of their employees' time.
"With the timer, everyone stays on track and we produce a ton of ideas"
Tina Chen, Product Designer at Medium
How it works ?
A task is completed before the scheduled time ? Smartimer of Galaxy adapts to our user with simple interactions: just flip it on the right side to move on to the next event in your calendar ! Go back to your previous task by just flipping it to the left ! Want a break ? Put the screen on the table to put the timer on hold ! At the end of your day you will get a glimpse of your real schedule and will improve the way you plan your schedule.
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