Aptum light for designer and engineers, provides perfect illumination of a work surface. This eco-designed lamp is made with renewable material. You can change the temperature and the intensity of the light from the hottest to the coldest to increase visibility. ​​​​​​​Aptum blends into the office landscape to provide a good lighting solution. 
Do it yourself
Each parts of the light are 3d printing made to enable the implementation of file sharing for DIY user. The second material used is a PMMA tube that we can find very easily. 
The electronic part is assembled before. All components and wires can be soldered easily. All you have to do is assemble the whole thing at the end. A 17 LED ribbon provides sufficient light to illuminate your work surface. 
I designed the lamp using sketching, model making, 3d modeling and rendering. A prototype is under construction. I still have to set up the 3D printer correctly.