Hi ! I am Pierre,
an industrial design student from Nantes, France. I am passionate about design sustainability and needs of Humans. I work on product details that combine perfect shape and function. 
Graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design at the L'École de design de Nantes Atlantique, I am finishing my Master's degree in industrial and user research design at the Digital Design Lab in Nantes, which will allow me to explore the world of technological innovation for the well-being of Human beings. 
In a design project, I attach particular importance to the study of user experience to combine an interface with a product in order to meet the user's needs. 
I had the chance to do internship at Studio Norguet Design and Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, in Paris,  which allowed me to give special attention to details in the field of high-end furniture. 
I have been attracted since very young by the artistic field, design and human sciences. Apart from my studies, I am also passionate about naval design and art. I practice on various ways of representing Human, creating works that question his environment and his way of life. This allows me to experiment with shapes and materials in order to reinvest them in the object I will be able to create tomorrow.
I am fascinated by the products that surround us and that allow us to improve our daily lives. 
Centered human design is one of the most important things in our world today. 
In the future I would like to join a design team that can work on innovative products and is close to people. To understand the environment in which mankind evolves and I like to believe that we can improve the way we live if we care about the user, his needs and expectations. 
Thank you for looking at my work.
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