Role : Research, 3d modeling, Renderings 
Creative direction : Pierre-Damien Doucet - Marin Chomienne​​​​​​​
Madone has an elegant silhouette for premium spirits, tapering towards the top and revealing the organic character of the bottle. 
Its name comes from the Madonna lily flower. 
A unique moment 
Madone is a concept of a bottle of brandy to be enjoyed at the end of a dinner. The bottle symbolises that suspended time, between friends or family, when it is customary to share a high quality spirit at the end of a meal. 

Sketchs : Marin Chomienne

After many sketches, we model the bottle in Rhino for the complex surfaces and continuity of the different curves of the bottle. When we have an interesting shape, we import the model into Cinema 4D and proceed to remeshing the bottle. The renderings are then done with Redshift. Finally the post-production is done with Adobe Photoshop and Camera raw. 
Aesthetics of the bottle 
Madone embodies sustainability and plant growth. This bottle with its floral appearance invites us to take a bucolic walk after the dinner. The shape of Madone is based on the pistil of the Madonna Lily, supported by the stamens at its side. The strong structural lines of the body help to establish the volume and inspire a stable and lasting form to the whole. 
The color of the bottle is soft and light, which highlights the play of reflections in the container.