Switch to focus mode and reduce smartphone interruptions by locking your distracting app with a dock. In your work space, disable instagram and your personal mailbox to stay focus on your task. 
During the containment, Théo Geiller ran a design 48 hour's Hackathon named "Hackarantaine". The aim was to propose a project and the organization find some mentors to help us in our project. We create a little design project with our Hackarantaine design team ; Théo Geiller, Astoria Diarra, Noemie El Kholti  and Ines Le Bihan
After the event we decided with Théo to continue our project. So we developed the shape and the technology a bit more and finally made different prototypes. 
As a user, I would like to improve my habits, to get into my workflow. 
With Smartdock, we want to adapt our digital habits to the environment in which we find ourselves at the moment. When we are at work, we want to stay focused... And when we are on our sofa, the goal is to relax. Switch modes by setting up in advance our apps that are to be banned from our workspace. 
To demonstrate our concept To quickly present our concept, we made a white presentation video, which will be improved as our project evolves. 
We created different board using Miro and Figma tools. We do problem statement, crazy eight, dot voting and brainstorming. During this event, we want to work together to find the best way to represent our basic idea. 
At the end of this Hackarantaine the shape we have chosen is simple and allows us to adapt to the space we are in. The rigid triangle covered with quality fabric integrates RFID technology for quick detection by the phone. We did some quick footage with the amount of time and sleep we had. 
Improvement, development and prototyping in progress... Come back soon.