Wasty is a cobotic solution for medical staff. It is used to convey infectious risk waste to prevent medical personnel from coming into too much contact with these dangerous garbage.  It makes it possible to make the shuttle between the various rooms where these special bin are stored and the storage and treatment room.
Solution for conveying infectious risk waste for hospitals
reduce the contact
of infectious risk’s waste.
How it works ? 
When the infectious risk trash is full, a sensor transmits the order to the cobot to leave and pick up the trash. The garbage can is conveyed through the hospital corridors to the storage area. Then, thanks to the recharging system, the garbage can is emptied and returned to its original location. The cobot can then leave and reload itself for a next round. 
Firstly, I using sketching to concept this project. Then I modelise the exterior shape to have a cobot that blends in with the hospital environment. 
I modelise in revit a floor type of an hospital to understand better the space and the organisation. This helps a lot to adapt the dimensions of the cobot to facilitate its movement in the corridors. 
The system 
We purpose this system to the Hospitazl would incrase their well being for their medial stuff. Firstly a electric chararge base for the Cobot but some waste too.